Spring elections for Wisconsin are not too far off, which means the City of Marinette clerk’s office is getting prepared now as there are many changes in this upcoming election that residents must know. Marinette City Clerk Lana Bero says, “at the municipal level there are terms that are up.”

Bero says, “voting this April will be different with the introduction of new machines. The previous touchscreens are no longer certified by the state.”

If you would like to vote in the Spring election, it is being held at the Community REC Center in Marinette on April 5th. If you prefer to vote absentee, they will send absentee notices on March 15th and voting will begin March 22nd and end April 1st in the Clerks Office at City Hall on Hall Ave in Marinette. To check if you are registered to vote, find your ward, or any other voting information, go to myvote.wi.gov