04/18/2019- Officials from both the City and County of Marinette continue their efforts to create a safer passageway for pedestrians traveling along County T/ Roosevelt Road in Marinette. The conversation has been held between governing committees for a couple of months now because of the multi-jurisdictional nature of the stretch of roadway in question. Marinette’s City Engineer Brian Miller says he’s been in contact with the Wisconsin DOT about the possibility of creating a pedestrian crossing where the road intersects with Highway 41 and says that could be a very extensive and costly project.
Civic Affairs Committee member Rick Polzin says even if constructing a sidewalk and a pedestrian crossing at the 41 intersection isn’t possible, they need to do something to keep people from walking in the traffic lanes as they travel from their residences to the shopping district.
Because the right of way along County T/Roosevelt Road is owned by the county, the City will need their go-ahead before taking any steps to designate any sort of pedestrian path on that route. Miller says he’ll make contact with them to initiate that process.