10/17/2019- An official proposal to raise the rates at Marinette’s City Dump has been brought forth and it would have you paying twice as much to get rid of a carload of junk. Public Works Superintendent Pat Carlson recommended the new fee structure to the Board of Public Works this week. It increases the cost of bringing a vehicle load of material to the dump from $5 to$10, a single axle trailer load from $5 to $25, and a double-axle trailer load from $10 to $40. Board member Ken Keller suggested the fees should not always be based on vehicle or trailer size, but rather, load size, at the discretion of the dump site attendant. However, City Engineer Brian Miller says that could cause more trouble than it’s worth.
“I think it’s really going to be difficult for the person working the gate to start making those judgement calls. I think we stick with the way the fees are structured and if the circumstances come up where a lot of people are using dual-axle trailers for single-axle loads, we’ll deal with it in the future.”
Board member Jeff Skorik also raised concerns that raising the rates could lead to residents seeking alternative methods to get rid of their junk, especially with a scaled-back junk pickup schedule already in effect by the City.
“I want to make sure that we’re not creating the problem where people are saying ‘You’re going to raise the rates for me to bring the junk out there, I’m going to leave it sit in the alley, the snow can fall on it, sometime next spring the City will come around and they’ll be responsible for hauling it and it won’t cost me anything.'”
The last rate adjustment for the City Dump was performed in 2012. Carlson was asked to bring a report detailing the history of the facility’s revenue versus its costs to the Board in November.