In a letter sent to the Common Council from JCI/TYCO regarding the communication between the City of Marinette and JCI/TYCO over water concerns was brought to the council’s attention at Tuesday evenings meeting. The letter states, “engineering analysis has shown that sourcing water from the City of Marinette promises a physically-feasible and time-effective approach for providing long-term clean water to our neighbors in the Town of Peshtigo.” Furthermore, “JCI/Tyco understands that becoming the long-term source of water for the Town of Peshtigo residents in the PWSA will impose additional costs on the City of Marinette. Tyco is interested in discussing the possibility of Tyco providing $5 million in funding for other significant projects in Marinette as part of any potential agreement by the City of Marinette to serve as the long-term source of water to current Town of Peshtigo residents in the PWSA.” Alderperson Rick Polzin says, “ I look at the letter and I’m a little confounded at what they are proposing.”

“Plus, I think they are missing they key people that are involved in this thing,” says Polzin.

After a lengthy discussion the council decided to wait to take action until after the Wisconsin DNR Summit regarding PFAS.