In hoping to come up with something more enforceable, The Marinette City Council Tuesday passed an amended ordinance regarding political signs.   City Attorney Bob Gagnon says the amended version uses the state ordinance as a guide.   The amended ordinance uses the state definition of campaign periods when the signs may be displayed.   Property owners may display one freestanding sign per candidate, no more than 12 square feet in size and 6 feet in height.  Signs must be set back from the property line by 5 feet and no signs can be displayed in the public right of way, which includes tree lawns.  Signs must be removed within 7 days of the election.  The ordinance does allow wall signs which don’t count towards the limit of one sign per candidate. The only restriction on the size of wall signs is they do not extend past the perimeter of the building and not obstruct windows, doors or other features required to be unobstructed by building codes.