In an exclusive interview with City of Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot, we discuss the one topic that continues to plague the City of Marinette on social media and in local newspaper speak outs. Supplying water to the Town of Peshtigo. Genisot says, “we can’t annex, we can be requested, but we don’t solicit to annex, there have been questions about what that might mean; certainly, we will not annex the entire town.”

Genisot says, “we should talk to our residents and represent them. We have clean municipal drinking water. We have groundwater issues, surface water, and areas of PFAS within the city that we need to continue to focus on.”

Genisot reminds city residents that we have clean municipal drinking water. But he says that we have an issue that is prevalent in the city and the town. It’s a very huge issue that’s throughout the state and the country. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be solved overnight and parties need to work together. Reasonable people need to find reasonable

Full Interview with Mayor Genisot