In an update to the City of Marinette Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic and Lights committee Monday evening. City Engineer Brian Miller announced that the Canadian National Railroad has made repairs to many of the crossings within the city on their own without the city request. Carney Avenue, Cleveland Avenue, Hall Avenue, and Roosevelt Road have recently been completed. However, there is still one crossing that is a cause for concern and that is the Riverside Avenue crossing. Miller says, “I did follow up with the Canadian National Railroad after our last meeting about Riverside Ave and this is the response that I received.”

“The combination of the heaved asphalt and the pressed rails gives you a very rough ride,” says Miller.

As for the best solution, until the railroad can come in and do a complete repair, would be for the city to mill the asphalt this year. The committee requested that Miller return next month with an update and possible action as to what will be done to rectify the Riverside Ave crossing.