Yard signs are an essential part of any candidate’s marketing campaign. Friends and family put them in their yards and tree lawn while candidates put them in high visible areas for the community to see. But what happens when you’re told the sign you staked isn’t in compliance with a city ordinance? The City of Marinette Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic and Lights committee discussed these issues at last week’s committee meeting. Mayor Steve Genisot says, “this is just clarification on what the sign ordinance allows.”


Dorothy Kowalski, committee member and council member at large says, “signs need to be 10 feet from the street, they should not be in the tree lawns, and they should be at least three feet from the sidewalk.”


If you live in the City of Marinette and have questions about the sign ordinance, you can go online to marinette.wi.us or call the City Clerk at 715-732-5120 for detailed information.