On April 4th incumbent Doug Oitzinger will be seeking re-election as 3rd Ward Alderperson for the City of Marinette. Oitzinger says, “I’m running again because a lot of things I originally set goals for, I haven’t accomplished in one term. The most pressing and perhaps most serious is the PFAS contamination. Which is the highest concentration of that is in the City of Marinette and in the whole plume that Tyco has identified is in Ward 3.”

Oitzinger says, “looking at the prioritizing that you have for the community and making sure that you’re always spending money in the right place. It is going to be somewhat difficult because of budget constraints, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work smartly to invest where you’ll get the best return and where it’s most needed.”

Oitzinger states he does his best with keeping in communication with the residents of Ward 3. When becoming a Alderperson, he began a Facebook page for residents to find resources about city information and mailed out a newsletter. Wisconsin Spring Election takes place on April 4th.