In a special City of Marinette council meeting last evening, Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot addressed the common council with an update regarding a recent decision not to attend nor take part in any further water summits organized by the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding supplying water to the Town of Peshtigo. Mayor Genisot says, “for the record, we have not had any conversation with the Town since July; from any of the board members or the board chair.”

Genisot says, “certainly the city is open if requests for annexation happen.”


Currently, the City of Marinette has not received requests for annexation of their water service. It also appears the city’s current ordinance requiring annexation prior to providing water service creates an impasse for the Town of Peshtigo board to consider the City of Marinette as a water source. Because of these issues and ordinance, the City of Marinette has withdrawn from the water summit so that the remaining parties may focus their time on solutions that meet the needs of the Town of Peshtigo and its residents. As for the Town of Peshtigo, they are no longer considering the City of Marinette as a source for water.