In a scheduled closed-door session to discuss the litigation of the Marijuana retailer they face. The City of Menominee chose not to go into close session at Monday evenings council meeting. Council members Josh Jones and Dave Robinson opposed the motion to cancel the closed session. Other than the discussion on whether to hold a closed session, the council did not discuss the marijuana litigation at the meeting. Council member, Josh Jones says, “ I was hoping to hear from the city’s litigation attorney Matt Cross of Plunkett Cooney.”

“We certainly do not want an open meetings violation,” says Menominee Mayor Jean Stegman.

City Attorney Celello suggested by the first part of January, the council might be allowed to hold a closed session because more information will be available.  The suing companies are collecting information through depositions and other means during the discovery period, which usually lasts about 28 days. Violations of the Open Meetings Act are a focus of the marijuana companies’ legal complaints about how the city awarded the two adult-use recreational marijuana retail licenses.