Menominee City Council moves forward with their marijuana selection committee but not after a lengthy debate over the differences of some council members opinions. While some council members neglected to see they were working in an administrative role instead of a legislative role when it came to the rubric and scoring of the selection committee. Interim City Manager Brett Botbyl offered his opinion on the matter.

Mayor Jean Stegman weighed in saying, “I ask the council to approve the selection committee that it had in place with the Engineer, Fire Chief, and the Chief of Police. We most certainly would have just gone ahead and done that; we would have held the scoring in a public meeting. We would not be discussing this right now”

Once City Attorney Tony Celello offered his advice to the council as to how much of their role is needed in the selection process it did not take long for the council to come to a vote of seven to one in favor of the marijuana selection committee.  Soon the selection committee will begin with the rubric and scoring of the 27 applicants and bring the chosen few to the council where they will decide which businesses will ultimately be able to reside within the city of Menominee.