A pilot program to test garbage carts in the city of Menominee will begin in a couple of weeks. City Manager Tony Graff told the City’s Public Safety and Public Works committee that Waste Management is looking for 25 addresses to test the containers that would help to automate the pickup of garbage. They want to test in bad winter conditions as well as when the weather is better. They would prefer the test residences be grouped in neighborhoods.

Graff says the city is also working with Waste Management on the extension of the current contract. Graff says issues that need to be discussed are how recycling will be handled, whether bulk pickup of items will continue, and whether the city want to have waste management haul away the grass clippings at the city’s yard waste collection area. The city has had complaints on odors by neighbors and may be looking at pouring a hard surface and building a drainage collection system if the city were to continue allowing the grass clippings to be dumped at the site.