Residents of Menominee and Marinette are reminded that the  Snow Ban Ordinance takes effect on December 1st at 2:30am through April 1st, 2022. Vehicles parked on the street overnight on November 30th will be ticketed. The Menominee Police Department will require permits for all vehicles parked overnight in municipal lots located at 2nd street and 5th avenue; 2nd street and 6th avenue; 2nd street and 9th avenue; and 1st street and 6th avenue. Permits are available free of charge at the Police Department on a first come, first served basis during regular office hours Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. For additional information you may call 906-863-5568.

The Marinette Police Department would like to remind area residents that the overnight parking ban will go into effect on December 1, 2021 at 1:00 am. The ordinance does not state that it must snow before the ordinance can be enforced.  It states that there will be NO overnight parking on City of Marinette streets or City of Marinette owned property (including parking lots) from the hours of 1:00 am through 7:00 am starting December 1st through April 1st.  The ordinance is written in this manner so that in the event of snow overnight, vehicles will already be removed.   Parking on the tree lawn is not an acceptable alternative unless a permit is obtained from the Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic & Lights Committee.  The property owner would need to demonstrate that not allowing the property owner to utilize the tree lawn or public right-of-way would constitute a hardship and allowing said parking does not constitute a traffic hazard.  Residents are also reminded that overnight parking violation penalties are $40.00 and they double if not paid within 72 hours.  Overnight parking tickets will be issued beginning December 1st at 1:00 am.  All citizens are urged to find parking accommodations if they have not already done so.