07/31/2018- Time is of the essence for the City of Marinette as it works to rectify the construction issues at the new Community REC Center. The City’s Public Works Committee met Monday to review bids submitted by four contractors for the exterior panel replacement work. The two lowest bids came from C&C Services at $937000 and Boldt Construction for around $990000. While there’s a nearly $53000 difference between the two, Duane Grove with Somerville Architects and Engineers says Boldt will be able to complete the project at least a month earlier than C&C.
Due to Wisconsin’s harsh and often unpredictable winters, C&C’s late-January completion date was of concern to many committee members. Despite Boldt’s higher initial price tag, Mayor Steve Genisot says the longer the building remains unfinished, the more the City will spend in the long run.
Mayor Genisot also reiterated to the group that incentives are available for the contractor to finish the work early. The Public Works Committee ultimately recommended awarding the replacement work contract to Boldt Construction. The full Common Council approved that recommendation at their meeting later the same night.