On Friday, October 7th, emergency crews responded to a fire at the Resolute Forest Products warehouse. City, state, and federal officials released an update on response activities. The fire is contained and under control. Portions of the warehouse facility adjacent to Resolute Forest Products continue to burn and fire suppression by local and regional fire departments are continuing. There have been no reports of fatalities or injuries related to the incident. Fire crews from several jurisdictions remain on-scene to monitor the site. On October 7, at 6 p.m., a precautionary shelter-in-place order was lifted for residents in Marinette downwind of the fire related to air emissions from the fire. On October 9th, at 7 a.m., a precautionary shelter-in-place order was lifted for residents in Menominee downwind of the fire related to air emissions from the fire. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff continue to conduct air monitoring and air sampling at the site and in the surrounding communities for common contaminants we know can be associated with industrial fires. No chemical compounds above health screening levels were detected. The EPA is coordinating with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on surface water sampling and testing related to potential run-off from the incident site to the Menominee wastewater treatment plant and adjacent Menominee River. EPA, state agencies, and local water utilities are coordinating to implement sampling to confirm that there are no impacts to drinking water supplies and will share results as they become available. State and federal environmental agencies are also in communication with Resolute Forest Products and other industrial tenants of the warehouse to determine what chemicals were present in the warehouse at the time of the fire. The incident is being handled under a unified command structure led by the EPA. Agencies participating in the unified command are EGLE, Wisconsin DNR, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Wisconsin Department of Health of Health Services (DHS), Menominee County, Marinette County, Public Health, Delta & Menominee Counties, the cities of Menominee and Marinette, and the industrial tenants of the warehouse.