Permitting them only as a special use will allow Menominee’s Plan Commission to maintain control over where marijuana establishments are able to locate within the city. The body readied their recommendations for marihuana facility zone at a meeting Tuesday. Per the ordinance, provisioning centers and retailers could be considered in the C-1 and C-2 general business and waterfront and central business districts, while growers, processors, transporters, and compliance establishments would be permitted as special uses in the M-1 industry district and M-2 industrial park. Some Commission members were concerned about applications that would propose locating marijuana establishments within Menominee’s Historic or Downtown District, however City Manager Tony Graff says the special use permitting process gives the City the final say in where any of these facilities are located.

The draft zoning presented to the Commission included considerations for the D-1 development district along 10th Street and 13th Street, however, the city’s master plan intends to eliminate that designation and convert it to commercial zoning, which would allow for provisional and retail marihuana facilities in those areas. The ordinance also calls for a 300-foot setback from schools and the Plan Commission amended the text to add a setback requirement for daycare facilities with more than 10 children. The amended ordinance was forwarded on to the full City Council for consideration later this month.