08/18/2020- Pay increases for Menominee County Commissioners could be included in next year’s budget following a recommendation made by the County’s Finance Committee this week. The Committee met Monday to review updates made to the FY 2020-2021 budget and discussed upping commissioner pay. Data provided by County Administrator Jason Carviou shows Menominee County Commissioners’ base pay is about $700 below average for the U.P. and $3300 under similar-sized counties throughout Michigan. One initial justification for increasing pay was to encourage more people to run for board seats, however, Carviou did caution that he doesn’t believe more money alone will attract those candidates.

Commissioner Steve Gromala was in favor of a raise for commissioners, but said the pay structure will likely have to be re-evaluated if the board size and districting is adjusted in the next election cycle. Gromala even took it a step further to propose an additional $500 increase for the board chairperson’s salary.

The Finance Committee settled on a $1500 annual raise for County Commissioners, but ultimately did not support an added bump for the board chair. Their recommendation and the entire FY 20/21 budget will still need to be approved by the full County Board.