05/19/2020- The City of Marinette is considering revising how it appoints new council members in the event one of their alderpersons vacates their seat mid-term. Up to this point, when selecting a new person to fill that position the council would decide whether they would serve out the remainder of the term or only until the next regular election on a case by case basis, but some members of the Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic, and Lights Committee Monday said they wanted to see a standardized approach to the process. Committee Member Dorothy Kowalski was hesitant about limiting the Council’s ability to make that decision based on the circumstances of each individual situation, but did say she would not be in favor of automatically granting appointed alderpersons the remainder of the term they were selected to fill.
Marinette’s alderpersons are elected on a staggered three-year cycle. The Civic Affairs Committee ultimately voted to change the appointment policy so that, in the event a seat becomes vacant, the appointment of a new council member would be no longer than the next regular election for City Council where that individual or another candidate could then run for the remainder of the unexpired term. That recommendation now heads to the full council for final consideration.