11/19/2018- Menominee City officials are considering how to react to Michigan’s passage of the use of recreational marijuana. The Judicial and Legislative Personnel and Labor Committee took up the topic last week, but much of the discussion centered on what the details of this new legislation are and what role, if any, the City Council has in regulating it. City Attorney Rob Jamo says the only real say the city has in the matter is whether or not it will allow the sale of marijuana within city limits.
However, Jamo cautioned the Committee against rushing into a decision and says there’s no need to take any action until the state establishes licensing procedures for dispensaries- something that’s not expected to occur for at least another year. He adds, it’s important to allow residents to weigh in, as well.
Michigan passed Proposal 1 with a 56 to 44% margin. Menominee County reversed those stats, with 56% of voters saying “No” to the measure. The City of Menominee is expected to host a study session on the issue in January.