06/18/2019- Parking along a portion of Marinette’s Riverside Avenue is causing grief for residents in that area and while there are some options to alleviate the issues, they’ll come at a cost. The City’s Public Safety and Code Enforcement Committee heard complaints from homeowners in May about litter and fish waste being left on the tree lawn between Hattie and State Streets, as well as parked vehicles blocking residential driveways. The Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic, and Lights Committee took up the issue Monday and City Engineer Brian Miller says a suggestion to simply move parking from the south to the north of the street is estimated run them about $15000 to grind and repaint the line striping.
Another option would be to ban parking on both sides of Riverside Ave and acquire a strip of land owned by Eagle Creek along the area in question to create off-street parking for fishermen and others heading to the river. That project could cost well over $27000, and while it was favored by the committee, Miller says he’s still waiting to hear back from Eagle Creek on whether they’re willing to give the City the access they’d need.
Even just banning parking on both sides of Riverside will cost about $1500 in signage and labor. The Committee voted to move forward with prohibiting parking there while Miller waits for a response from Eagle Creek, but Committee members agreed in the meantime, they’d also like to explore the possibility of establishing permit-only parking for Riverside Ave residents.