01/30/2020- Even with an ordinance barring the sale of recreational marijuana in place in Menominee, the City hasn’t shut down conversation on the matter. City Council met as a Committee of the Whole Wednesday to discuss Michigan’s newest rules on the licensing and regulation of marijuana retailers and whether the City might consider repealing their previous opt-out now that they have some guidance from the state. If the city were to reverse course and permit growing and consumption establishments, they’d have control over the time, place, and manner of business. City Attorney Mike Celello says we’re not talking about mom and pop pot shops, but rather, multi-million dollar businesses that would be subject to a strict set of rules, permits, and licensing fees.
While the City voted in favor of the statewide referendum in 2018 to legalize recreational pot Police Chief Brett Botbyl maintains his opinion that allowing retail operations would be bad business for his department and the community as a whole.
Several community members also spoke during Wednesday’s meeting, predominantly in favor of permitting recreational marijuana sales. If the City were to reconsider allowing these businesses, the process to repeal the existing ordinance and draft and approve a new one, along with corresponding regulations and zoning requirements, would likely take several months.