09/21/2018- Menominee County’s Administrator could soon see new job duties attached to his title. The county’s Personnel Committee discussed Thursday delegating some of the high-level management responsibilities of the airport to Jason Carviou while the county remains without a permanent airport manager. Carviou says the move would grant him more authority to make decisions regarding leases and ordinance enforcement without running each individual item by the Airport Committee and County Board. But, because Carviou isn’t licensed to perform several other tasks involved in the airport’s daily operations, those will continue to fall on the shoulders of Assistant Manager Jeff LaFleur. Committee member Larry Schei say they still need to find a long-term solution to the airport’s staffing shortfalls.
The Committee voted to temporarily assign the duties of an airport director, including administrative functions, budget preparation, and policy enforcement to the County Administrator. The board also agreed to maintain the current part-time airport administrative assistant to aid in these duties.