06/23/2020- Marinette County’s Board of Supervisors will decide on a speed reduction along a stretch of county highway near Niagara in an attempt to increase motorist safety in that region. For months, Supervisors have been discussing options to improve the intersection of County Highway O and County Highway N and lessen the number of near misses drivers have been reported in that area. At a recent meeting of the County’s Infrastructure Committee, Highway Commissioner Eric Burmeister reiterated that while they’ve been working to improve visibility at the intersection, his department lacks the over $39000 in spare funding it would require to install a flashing warning system there.

Supervisors discussed the potential of reducing the speed limit in that region from 55 miles an hour to 45. Burmeister say while that move isn’t necessarily supported by crash data gathered for that intersection, that doesn’t take the option off the table.

The Infrastructure Committee approved a motion to reduce the speed on County N to 45 miles per hour from the City of Niagara to the county line. The full county board is expected to make final decision on the matter at their meeting later this month.