09/13/2018- Although many residents have supported the idea, the installation of a splash pad could come with a hefty price tag for the City of Marinette. The Parks and Recreation Committee has been discussing the issue for several months, but finally got a clearer idea of how much the project might cost Tuesday night. Executive Recreation Director Gavin Scray says a representative from Water Odyssey recently toured potential locations for the splash pad in the city and recommended it be placed at Teachers Park or replace the wading pool at the City Pool. The cost for the structures alone for a traditional rectangular two-thousand square-foot splash pad are estimated to be around $66000, and the total project including materials and installation would likely be about three times that amount. Committee Chair Dorothy Kowalski says while she’s in favor of the idea, she’s not optimistic about the funding for it.
A second, more contemporary design was also included for review, but that comes at nearly twice the cost of the first one. Kowalski suggested submitting the splash pad request for consideration on next year’s capital improvement projects list.