04/09/2019- Tyco has hosted several community meetings since the announcement of PFAS contamination in the Town of Peshtigo and City of Marinette, but last night, it was the people on the other side of the issue speaking out. The S.O. H2O Group offered a presentation that dove deeper into the local contamination study and the dangerous impacts of PFAS exposure. Group member and Marinette resident Doug Oitzinger emceed the event. He says reports suggest Tyco may have known about the contamination at their Fire Technology Center in Marinette in 2013, however, that information wasn’t conveyed to the Wisconsin DNR until 2016.
PFAS contamination has been found in ground and surface water in every direction surrounding the facility where Tyco manufactures and tests their firefighting foam. Although responsibility for the contamination falls squarely on the shoulders of Tyco, S.O.H2O says residents can play a big part in making sure it’s cleaned up properly. Resident Stan Gruszynski says the best way to do this is to contact local and state elected officials and urge them to take action now.
Among other initiatives, S.O.H20 says their primary goal is to see a containment and clean-up plan developed by Tyco by the end of the year for all contaminated soil, groundwater, and private wells.