Congrats to Bay Cities Radio on all its awards!  It was so much fun watching with you and celebrating.

Here is a detailed list of what was won.  Please let me know if I missed anything.

  • 1st Place Awards               12
  • 2nd Place Awards              11
  • 3rd Place Awards               6

Morning Radio Show

  • 1st Place               Chuck and Jim Veterans Day Show

Radio Show

  • 1st Place                Swap Shop


  • 1st Place               WHYB AM NEWS: April 30


  • 2nd Place              WHYB, High School Football Round-Up

Continuing Coverage

  • 3rd Place               WHYB, Menominee Pot Sales

Spot News

  • 1st Place               WHYB, Arrest Made in Double Homicide Cold Case
  • 3rd Place               WHYB, VanCleve Cougar

News Writing

  • 1st Place               WHYB, Return to Nam
  • 2nd Place              WHYB, Manufacturing Alliance

Hard News/ Investigative

  • 1st Place               WHYB, International Program
  • 2nd Place              WHYB, Drug Trends Changing in Marinette


  • 1st Place               WHYB, Feature Fund
  • 3rd Place               WHYB, Fairy Godmother Project

Use of Audio in Radio News

  • 2nd Place              WHYB, SBR Meet & Greet

Live On Scene

  • 2nd Place              WHYB, Small Business Revolution Top 5 Announcement


  • 2nd Place              WHYB Interview with Patti Whipp

Sports Play by Play

  • 1st Place               WHYB, Menominee vs. Kingsley
  • 2nd Place              WHYB, Menominee vs. Hopkin
  • 3rd Place               WHYB, Marines Lose on Last-Second Shot

Significant Community Impact

  • 2nd Place, Small Business Revolution

Specialty Programming

  • 2nd Place              WHYB, M&M Youth Football Championship

Public Service Announcement

  • 3rd Place               WHYB, Diabetes PSA

Web Story

  • 2nd Place              WHYB, Wausaukee Rescue Squad in Urgent Need of Volunteers

Use of Social Media

  • 1st Place               WHYB Classic Hits 103.7 Facebook Page

Original Digital Content

  • 3rd Place               WMAM, Joe Bezio Sports Buzz Video

Online Breaking News Coverage

  • 2nd Place              WHYB, Vannieuwenhoven Arrest Press Conference

Sports Coverage

  • 1st Place                WLST, Sports with Kit: September 26

Station Promo

  • 1st Place               WLST, Pass the Eggnog

Original Digital Content

  • 1st Place               WSFQ, Kelly Clarkson Contest