While last week’s Marinette Knitting Mills fire spared neighboring properties, some residents have expressed concerns about the potentially hazardous material the flames left behind. Monday, Marinette Fire Chief Jay Heckel, Marinette County Emergency Management Director Eric Burmeister, and Wisconsin DNR Air Management Specialist Mark Chamberlain visited the site on Pierce Avenue to assess the potential that debris from the fire could contain toxins like asbestos. Asbestos was found in the boiler room and in a pipe protruding from the room’s wall, however, the material is in pipe wrap and the walls and roof of the room remain intact, minimizing the risk of public exposure. The mill is located on private property and authorities have taped off the site and posted against trespassing. Residents in the area that do find debris from the blaze on their property may safely pick it up wearing disposable gloves and dispose of it.