09/30/2020- For the second straight year, scores have fallen on Menominee City Manager Tony Graff’s evaluation by City Council. The Council met as a Committee of the Whole Tuesday to discuss the results of the annual review. While many council members applauded Graff’s approachability and ability to communicate effectively with the public, they also agreed there was a severe lack of transparency and following through on various city projects and were concerned that his hours at City Hall are often sporadic. Mayor Jean Stegeman expressed frustration that Graff’s job performance seemed stale, despite similar comments being made during last year’s evaluation process.

Graff responded by saying the City was able to accomplish a great deal “behind the scenes” in 2020, including staffing transitions, handling the COVID crisis, and managing a tight budget and says he maintains good rapport with City employees. Graff has served in the City Manager role since 2016.