07/15/2019- It’s not certain yet just how much it could cost the City of Marinette to fund a new police tactical vehicle and if or when that money will be available. Common Council discussed Tuesday supporting the department and their Tactical Response Unit in an effort to secure a USDA grant that could offer as much as $55000 in funding toward the purchase of an armored vehicle to better protect those responding to high-risk situations. However, even if the full grant amount is awarded, the City would still need to come up with at least $80000 to purchase a refurbished vehicle and, without knowing yet what next year’s budget will look like, that’s where the conversation stalls. Joe Nault with Marinette PD says the vehicle is a necessity and should be a priority.
Some council members suggested Nault get in touch with Marinette County about splitting the cost of the vehicle, an option that has been considered in the past. Council ultimately approved Nault apply for the USDA grant and agreed to consider their portion of the funding when more firm figures are available.