04/04/2019- Curbside alcohol delivery will now be available in Marinette, but not everyone is on board with the change. The City’s Common Council considered a recommendation Wednesday to amend the premise description for Walmart’s liquor license to allow for alcohol delivery as part of the store’s new online grocery pickup option. Council member Rick Polzin says he’s concerned the curbside delivery is less secure and will set a new precedent for other liquor stores in the city.
Some of the debate centered on the fact that just three days ago the local Walmart dialed back their ID verification process which used to require verifying the ages of everyone appearing to be between 10 and 40 years old in a party where alcohol was being bought to now only checking the ID of customer actually purchasing the alcohol. But Council member Ken Keller says the new policy is still in line with that of other area stores and he doesn’t think the curbside delivery will contribute to increased alcohol accessibility to minors.
Store representatives say the curbside liquor delivery will only be handled by employees with their responsible server license. The request was approved 6 yes’s to 2 no’s with one abstention.