07/11/2019- The need for more parking near the Marinette County Courthouse and the desire to create a green roof on top of the former law enforcement center could go hand-in-hand, according to County Administrator John Lefebvre. The county previously purchased a vacant lot across from the courthouse to add parking and at an Infrastructure Committee meeting Wednesday, Lefebvre brought up the possibility of requesting the City of Marinette vacate the portion of Ella Court that runs adjacent to the LEC. He then suggested both areas could be covered by permeable pavers versus hard pavement to allow for better drainage and potentially eliminate the need to leave a percentage of green space as is required by Marinette city code. As further incentive to the city, Lefebvre wants to construct a green roof on top of the LEC, which would not only offer environmental benefits, but would create a unique space that could be utilized by anyone in the community. These plans are only in their initial stages and Lefebvre does note that both projects will come with substantial costs. The pavers run about three times as much as blacktop and the green roof and related necessary upgrades will likely cost at least twice what a traditional roof would.