02/27/2020- It’s not the first time it’s been considered, but Marinette County is again discussing the possibility of reducing their County Board size. The board currently has 30 members, while the average county board size in Wisconsin is around 22. County Board Chairman Mark Anderson is proposing scaling their number of supervisors back to 21 or even 15, but says the decision should ultimately come from the residents they serve. He wants to see a referendum included on November’s ballot asking voters what they think about a smaller board.
Supervisor Trisha Grebin isn’t necessarily opposed to the move, but she is concerned reducing the number of supervisors will put more of a strain on those who represent the county’s more rural communities.
If the topic were to go to public vote, it would be as an advisory referendum only. The cost to put the question on the ballot is around $800 and the County Board would need to approve that ballot language by late summer.