A little elbow grease and some financial assistance from Marinette County are expected to go a long way in freshening up some properties and getting them back on the tax roll. This week the County Board considered entering into an agreement with NEWCAP for the rehabilitation and resale of homes the County acquires through tax delinquency. The Revolving Rehabilitation Fund will be established with a $500000 transfer from the Property Tax Reduction Fund and County Administrator John Lefebvre says the program will allow NEWCAP to assess each foreclosure property and determine if and how much work might be needed to make it sellable, or if it’s salvageable at all.

Any items of value left behind in these homes will be sold and the proceeds will be split evenly between NEWCAP and the County, while the money from the sale of the property itself will be returned to the rehab fund. Lefebvre and several members of the County Board are optimistic about the project’s impact.

County Board unanimously approved the Revolving Rehabilitation Fund and the related agreement with NEWCAP. Once the renovations are complete, the homes will be auctioned off through the county’s standard sealed bid process.