Some Marinette County Supervisors are wondering what’s being done to protect all residents affected by the Tyco groundwater contamination. Tuesday, representatives of Tyco and the Wisconsin D-N-R, presented an update on their investigation to the county board. 100 private wells have been tested for the PFAS compounds used in Tyco’s firefighting foams. Of those, nine have come in about the EPA’s health advisory level of 70 parts per trillion, while 17 others tested positive for the compounds, but were below the EPA limit. Supervisor Don Pazynski notes many states permit much lower levels of these compounds in their drinking water and he’s concerned residents whose results were below the EPA cutoff won’t see adequate remediation efforts.
Roxane Chronert with the DNR says until Wisconsin establishes their own PFAS limit, the federal limit is the only guideline available.
One major concern is that the compounds in question are not likely to break down and will remain in the environment for quite some time. Tyco says surface and groundwater will be re-sampled this spring. The company is still exploring remediation solutions that include extending city water connections or digging new wells for impacted properties.