02/26/2020- A trio of new internal positions will take hold of Marinette County’s tourism and economic development initiatives. After months of discussion, the County Board Tuesday approved the creation of a Program Assistant in the Parks and Forestry Department who will promote and develop county-owned assets, as well as the creation of a Development/Tourism Director and related Program Assistant in the Administration Department. County Board Chairman Mark Anderson has been a proponent of housing these efforts in-house versus contracting with an outside agency. He says when it comes to development, the County is well behind the eight-ball.
Supervisors on the board remain divided, however, on whether creating a County division to handle all that economic and community development entails is the most effective option. Supervisor Ginger Deschane maintains that this kind of work should be outsourced to an agency that’s already established themselves in the community.
Salary and fringes for the Parks and Forestry Program Assistant is anticipated to run the county up to $79000 while the Tourism/Development Director role and associated Program Assistant combined will cost between $140000 and $170000. The County is expected to move forward immediately with posting and filling these positions.