10/31/2018- After months of planning and review, Marinette County’s 2019 budget receives final approval. The Board of Supervisors signed off on the proposed budget and tax levies at their meeting Tuesday. The net county operating tax levy is about $4.20 per thousand while the debt service levy comes in at $0.25 per thousand. The total tax levy rose three percent to $17.3-million for 2019. County Administrator John Lefebvre says creating a budget that includes necessary projects and purchases while also adhering to state-imposed levy limits can be a challenge.
With a last-minute amendment adding about $169000 to the to the Jail Assessment Budget for camera system modifications and upgrades, the county’s total expenditures for 2019 comes in around $57.8-million, up less than half a percentage point from 2018. Anticipated revenues fell by almost 4% to $38.2-million. Lefebvre says moving forward, the county needs to consider how it will pay off its debt.
The county’s equalized property value rose 3% to over $3.8-billion. The 2019 budget received unanimous approval from the County Board.