01/09/2019- While Menominee County has budgeted for a raise for their elected officials, just how that money will be distributed is still up for discussion. The county’s Board of Commissioners took up the topic again Tuesday night after voting down a proposal last month to give a 2% salary increase to the Clerk/Register of Deeds, Sheriff, Treasurer, and Prosecuting Attorney. County Administrator Jason Carviou brought forward a second option Tuesday: to give each of the officials a flat-rate increase of around $1400 and says either option would have the same financial impact on the county.
While in December some commissioners cited a concern with whether some of the elected officials’ job performance warranted a salary increase, Commissioner William Cech says the 2% was given to the rest of the county’s employees and it’s only fair to extend the same increase to the elected officials.
The item was listed for discussion only on Tuesday night’s agenda. The board agreed to move both the 2% and flat-rate salary increase proposals for the elected officials on as action items for their next meeting.