08/07/2019- It’s an important role in the criminal justice system, but with long hours and sometimes dangerous working conditions, it’s one the Marinette County Jail is struggling to keep filled. Jail Administrator Bob Majewski reported to the county’s Public Services Committee Tuesday the jail recently lost four corrections officers and says they’ve been chronically understaffed for close to a decade. Sheriff Jerry Sauve points out, however, that this type of an issue is not unique to Marinette County.
“We certainly don’t have the market cornered on this issue. This is an issue statewide, nationwide, with recruitment for corrections officer personnel. It’s a tough position to recruit for.”
With just 23 corrections officers remaining to provide 24/7 coverage at the jail, resources and employee schedules are being stretched and committee member Laura Frea fears that could lead to even bigger problems.
The county recently wrapped up an application cycle for new corrections officers and will interview potential candidates in the next couple of weeks. New hires will then undergo a 12-week in-house training process, and Majewski is hopeful they’ll be fully trained and ready to work by the end of the year.