09/12/2018- Menominee County takes another look at their 2018-2019 budget and makes some notable changes. The county’s Board of Commissioners reviewed the second draft of the document at their meeting Tuesday night and agreed to make an additional lump sum payment toward their Municipal Employees’ Retirement System obligation of $500-thousand next year and investigate the feasibility of increasing monthly payments by about $40-thousand to meet the actuarial projects for repayment. Additionally, the board decided against adding about $7000 in funding for the county’s Court Appointed Special Advocates program. That money would be the required match for a grant the program had previously applied for from the state. Commissioner John Nelson says the funds weren’t included in the initial budget and he’s concerned the program could actually overwhelm the children involved more than it helps them.

A public hearing will be held on the county’s 2018-2019 budget prior to the next Board of Commissioners meeting. The budget must receive final approval from the board by October 1st.