10/08/2020- Despite some uncertainty at the start of the season, the Marinette County Parks system will close out 2020 with attendance and revenues well above last year’s. As of late August, the County Parks had taken in around $402000. That’s significantly better than the $380000 collected in all of 2019, even before September and October 2020 amounts are factored in. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic it wasn’t clear just how park usage would be impacted, but with little else to do but get outside and numerous improvements at various parks, Facilities and Parks Director Martin Keyport says they’ve been busier than ever. Some of the projects completed this year include new and improved trails at parks and waterfalls, enhanced way finding, and increased social media presence and engagement. The County’s Infrastructure Committee Wednesday did sign off on an increase to some parks fees, raising annual vehicle stickers from $20 to $25, military, county employee, and senior annual passes from $10 to $12, and upping electric campsites by $5 to $30 a night. Keyport says, if given final approval by the County Board, those fee amendments will spur on even further development across the County’s 22 park properties.