06/03/2019- One Marinette County tax is coming back into question as the county begins the budget process for the upcoming fiscal year. The County’s Board of Supervisors reviewed the 2020 Budget Policy and Schedule this week and Supervisor Rick Polzin again questioned the necessity of the current 25-cent per thousand debt service levy, which netted just shy of $1,000,000 last year. He says there’s $40-million in the county’s reserves, which is far in excess of what’s required by law or financially prudent.
County Administrator John Lefebvre says even with the continuance of the debt service levy, the County will start to see a decline in those reserve funds with several major projects on the horizon, including the renovation of the Ella Court building and road improvement work. He’s concerned eliminating the tax will have an impact on the county’s plan to pay off their outstanding debt.
The 2020 Budget Policy and Schedule was approved as presented. The first draft of the budget is expected to be brought to the Administrative and Executive Committees in September.