In an aging community like Marinette County, access to Alzheimer’s and dementia care is critical. Now, the county’s Health and Human Services Department will be able to offer those services to more residents with the addition of a new dementia care specialist. Last week, the Marinette County Board of Supervisors approved a request from HHS to create the new position to be located at the Aging and Disability Resource Center. County Health and Human Services Director Robin Elsner says this new specialist will work with both the patient and their family to ensure they receive the care and support they need.
This new addition comes at no cost to the county. The position will be funded by a grant from the State of Wisconsin. And, Elsner says, he doesn’t expect that program to end any time soon.
Elsner says his department is preparing to advertise for the new dementia care specialist role. He is hopeful to have the position filled by late summer or early fall.