01/30/2019- A Marinette County program to provide in-home services to elderly and disabled residents is drawing criticism from some County Supervisors. Through the county Health and Human Services Department, a total of 25 LTE and part-time care workers offer personal care and supportive home care services for an average of 40 to 45 residents daily. HHSD Director Robin Elsner says the program is designed to “fill the gap” for vulnerable residents who wish to remain in their home, but Supervisor Rick Polzin feels the county shouldn’t be taking on a role that could be filled by companies in the private sector.
The program received about $96000 in taxpayer funding in 2018 and had a deficit of just over $65000. And while there was some added concern about the liability the county assumes for these care workers, Supervisor Ginger Deschane says it’s a valuable program and meets the needs of those who might be turned down by private care providers.
The County Board was asked to approve continuing the ongoing contract with managed care organizations to provide supportive home care services to residents. That motion was ultimately passed on a 23-to-4 vote.