Michigan small businesses suffering due to the Gathering and Face Mask Order which took effect on Nov. 18,, 2020 will have the opportunity to apply for funding under the new Small Business Survival Grant Program.  Nancy Douglas, Executive Director of the Menominee Business Development Corporation says there will be approximately $185,000 available for Menominee County Businesses.

The maximum grant is $15,000 for an operating business and $20,000 for a business that had to close.

Applications must be made from Tuesday January 19th at 8am Central time to 11pm Friday January 22nd. Grants must be applied for on line.  Eligible businesses are those affected by the state’s order, having 1 to 100 employees, who need assistance with payroll expenses, rent, mortgage payments, utilities and other similar expenses.   Additional information about the grant is currently available at michiganbusiness.org/survival. Douglas encourages Menominee County businesses to apply and she can be reached at her home office (906)864-2201 for assistance or questions.


In addition to the grant program for businesses, there is also an Employee Assistance Grant program for individuals  in the hospitality, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food service sectors that have also been impacted by the Gathering and Face Mask order. Grants up to $1650 are available to employees in those industries and applications are available on line at mrlaef.org/money.   Grant application is open through January 25 at 4pm Central Time.   These individual Grants are taxable but do not count against unemployment income.