COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Marinette County, with the county seat showing particularly high activity and Marinette’s mayor is continuing to urge residents to do their part to stop the spread. Mayor Steve Genisot says the City has implemented strict mask requirements inside their own facilities but adds they cannot impose or enforce those same restrictions in the private sector. Instead, he says it’s going to take masking buy-in from the community as a whole to reverse the virus’ upward trend.

The decision to keep recreational facilities open and programing running during the pandemic has drawn some criticism from residents, including alderpersons, who want to see the City take a more aggressive approach to slowing the outbreak. Assistant Rec Director Adrienne Lacy says the responsibility to keep participants healthy and avoid contributing to the spread is not something they’re taking lightly.

As of Monday, Marinette County had 1935 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 16 related deaths.