The Masonic Light Lodge No.218 and the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation recently donated a fire suppression device to the Crivitz Fire Department. Doug Morrison, Area Administrator of Masonic Lodge District 4 and Junior Warden of the Masonic Light Lodge No.218 in Crivitz says, “ it’s a little device, it weighs 11 pounds, it can be thrown into a building, a basement, anywhere there is a fire.”

Morrison says, “lodges are looking for opportunities to improve their communities and this was just one of those ways in which we felt we could make our communities safer.”

The tool has a 15-year battery life that never needs recharging and can operate in temperatures down to 50 below zero, it leaves a talc like powder that can be vacuumed later, and most insurances will reimburse municipalities up to one-thousand dollars after use of the device. The Crivitz Masonic Light Lodge No.218 was pleased to have been chosen to pass on this Act of Kindness. Making Crivitz and the surrounding area safer.