04/02/2018–This is Dam Safety Awareness Week  as proclaimed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  Wisconsin Public Service which operates a number of hydroelectric facilities in North Eastern Wisconsin strongly urges recreational and fishing enthusiasts to be safe around dams and hydroelectric facilities.

The week’s purpose is to emphasize the importance of safety near dams and on waterways to help prevent accidents. Most accidents at dams can be prevented by simply staying away from restricted areas and learning about the dangers associated with dams.

Safety precautions include:

  • Obey all warning signs
  • Heed horns or sirens
  • Be aware of rapidly changing water conditions
  • Practice safe boating, fishing and swimming
  • Bring a cell phone and contact 911 in an emergency
  • Wear a personal flotation device (life jacket)
  • Stay outside buoy lines and away from restricted areas near dams
  • Have a safe escape route planned when near a dam and evacuate at the first sign of danger