There are some important deadlines coming up Monday for people who are part of a class action lawsuit settlement announced in January involving PFAS contamination of groundwater in the Town of Peshtigo connected to the Tyco Fire Technology Center. Under the settlement, Tyco will pay up to $17.5 million to compensate Town of Peshtigo residents and former residents who lived within a defined area affected by PFAS from the Tyco FTC.  Current or former residents and current or former landowners who owned and/or lived at a property with a private drinking water well source for at least one year between January 1, 1965 and December 31, 2020 are included in the class. During a virtual meeting held Tuesday evening, Paul Napoli, one of the Attorney’s representing the class said the settlement is designed to cover the loss of property values caused by the presence of the PFAS, and for those exposed to the PFAS to cover the costs of medical procedures to determine if residents have a medical condition linked to PFAS, and finally to cover residents who suffered a covered medical condition.

Napoli noted this settlement does not involve the issue of providing safe drinking water to affected residents. While Tyco has committed to providing water to those in their “Study Area”, the affected area defined in the settlement is larger than the study area.  Those in the class would lose their ability to sue for an alternative water source, an important issue for class members who are located outside the “Study Area”.

Members of the class who wish to opt out of the settlement, or who object to the settlement need to do so by Monday.

A Fairness hearing is scheduled for May 24th where a judge will consider objections to the settlement decide whether it should be approved.

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