06/05/2019- People aren’t the only ones getting out more as the weather warms up. The month of June typically sees an increase in deer activity, and the Wisconsin DOT and State Patrol are reminding motorists they need to be alert. While the number of crashes between deer and vehicles tends to peak in the fall, June is when motorists are most likely to be injured in a deer/vehicle accident because of increased speeds and traffic volume. Deer are most active in the early morning and evening hours and if you see one deer crossing the road, watch for more behind them. In the event that a collision with a deer is unavoidable, the DOT says drivers should not swerve, which can result in a loss of control and a more serious crash, but motorcyclists are advised to slow down, brake firmly, and swerve if necessary, but attempt to remain in their lane. Last year in Wisconsin, 515 motorists were injured in deer/vehicle crashes and four people were killed – all four fatalities were motorcyclists.